Caraval by Stephanie Garber (Book Summary)

Scarlett Dragna has been writing letters to Legend, the master of Caraval, since she was a kid. She wanted to play in Caraval, along with her younger sister, Donatella Dragna. When Scarlett was about to get married, she sent one last letter to Legend and that time, she got a reply, and an invitation. Scarlett, Tella and Julian (the sailor) went to Caraval, however Tella was kidnapped by Legend and it turns out that the game revolves around Tella. The first player that finds Tella wins and can get a wish, as a reward. Scarlett and Julian helped each other and eventually fell inlove with each other (it was originally Tella and Julian however Julian admitted that he was just using Tella to be able to get hold of the ticket to Caraval.) The two of them played the game, looking for clues and helping each other. They have been warned that most parts of the game are not real, however they were still fearful (they even got hurt) when they saw Scarlett’s father and her fiancée. They are the person Tella and Scarlett are running away from but they followed them to Caraval and they wanted to take the siblings home, to punish them. Continue reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber (Book Summary)

Caraval by Stephanie Garber (Book Review)

When I read it: I liked the setting at first, although it got confusing by the time they entered Caraval. I just could not imagine what Caraval looks like. I am not sure if this looks like a Carnival, if the game is like a festival, or if this is supposed to be a gloomy setting. Does Caraval look like an old palace where players get lost? Scarlett and Julian run, hide and chase someone and I am a little confused with how I could imagine these scenes because one moment it was magical but then it is suddenly dark on the next.  Continue reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber (Book Review)

False Memory by Dean Koontz (Book Review)

What I liked about it:

Rare Plot: It’s not a usual novel that revolves around death. It does not start with a mysterious death by a serial killer that detectives chase the entire book. It starts with no death at all, just a couple of weird things they could not explain.
There were many questions that kept me going, but it never got to the point that I was confused. Also, the questions that I had were all answered in the end.
Connections that I never saw coming. There is more to the villain and his actions, at the near end of the novel it turns out that there was a reason why the main victims, Martie and Dusty, were chosen. Continue reading False Memory by Dean Koontz (Book Review)

False Memory by Dean Koontz (Book Summary)

Martie Rhodes lives with her husband, Dusty Rhodes and their dog, Valet. She is a video game designer and she accompanies her bestfriend, Susan Jagger to the doctor weekly for the treatment of her phobia. She had been taking Susan to her doctor, Dr. Ahriman for multiple sessions and although she can’t see any progress, Martie was assured by the doctor that she’s doing better. Continue reading False Memory by Dean Koontz (Book Summary)

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (Book Review)

What I liked about:

  • Unexpected villain. The Novel was able to hide the villain perfectly by making nearly all characters a suspect. Readers have to go through a series of “I think this is the one” all throughout the book.
  • Interesting scenes. It provides interesting scenes if you ever get tired of reading what really happened to Nel. There are scenes where it was told what happened to the previous women who drowned in that River. Continue reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (Book Review)

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (Book Summary)

Julia (Jules) Abbott was dragged back to the old Mill House when her sister, Danielle (Nel Abbott) died. She had to take care of the 15 years old daughter she left behind. Also, she had to look into the details behind her death. At the moment, the cause of her death was suicide, but it was more complicated. Continue reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (Book Summary)

The Keeper of Lost Things By Roth Hogan (Book Review)

What made me choose this book: I’ve been looking for books that are as good as the previous book I read, which is “The Roanoke Girls” . Aside from the very intriguing title, I was curious with the entire story since I was expecting this to be a story filled with magic. I was expecting that the “Keeper of Lost Things” is a person who’s found in the gates of heaven. I was wrong, but I was not disappointed. Continue reading The Keeper of Lost Things By Roth Hogan (Book Review)

The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan (Book Summary)

Anthony Peardew is the keeper of lost things. It started when he lost his late wife’s communion medal on the day of her death, and he felt like he failed her. He collected the lost things, labeled it in his study with the hope that it will someday be reunited with its owners, just like the medal that he lost. Those lost things also inspired his short stories that were published. When he died, he left the house they called Padua, to Laura, his assistant. Laura took care of the house or her inheritance together with Sunshine and Freddy. Sunshine is a neighbor who became Laura’s friend after Anthony’s death. Freddy is the gardener who got close to Laura after Anthony’s death as well (they even end up falling in love). Continue reading The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan (Book Summary)

My Journey with Reading Novels

Back in 5th grade, I was not allowed to read romantic novels because I was still too young, but there were nights when i couldn’t sleep, so I secretly read novels underneath my blanket. A year after, we found out that my eyes were damaged and I had to get glasses, with 2.50 on each. It was already obvious that I read, so I was already allowed to read novels (romantic once since this is the only novels available at home). I read it before sleeping, on weekdays and on summer vacations. Continue reading My Journey with Reading Novels

I Have A Thing With Notebooks

Notebooks trick me into thinking that I have my life figured out, or atleast getting the hang of it. A set of blank pages make me a new set of hopes. There has been no instant success with writing things down about my life, but I can guarantee that it has improved my way of life.

I have a set of notebooks I have collected since I was in highschool. Some remained blank, 2 of them were filled from the first page to the last, and most of them, I’ve only scribbled on the first two pages. My mom was the first to notice this. I would buy one notebook, admire it, then just leave it on a shelf. I will never write on it for the first few months that I got it. I will only start scribbling on it when it’s 3AM and I think i’m having a greater view of my life — so I’d get up, check my collection of notebooks, pull out one, write on it and never pick it up again for months. Continue reading I Have A Thing With Notebooks