Dead to Me Season 2 (Summary)

Dead to Me Season 2 Summary


Judy Hale helped Jen Harding get rid of Steve Wood’s body. The next day, Jen’s neighbor, Karen, visited her and mentioned their CCTV that showed Steve getting inside her house.  Judy is back in Jen’s house again, she had nowhere else to go and Jen also needed her. The next day, someone knocked on the door – they saw Steve. Continue reading Dead to Me Season 2 (Summary)

He Taught Me This (Poem #45)

Just when I thought
that my heart couldn’t beat faster
he taught it how to skip a beat

Just like how he taught me
to reach my boiling point
to be raging mad
to be on the verge of throwing
whatever that’s on my hand,
he taught me that with just a brush of his lips
I can end up saying
“why was I mad again?”

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Who I Think He Is (Poem #43)

(From the eyes of someone who has been watching him shine)

He is a raging storm
with a name that has made hearts skip its usual beat

his name, on some girl’s lips
sometimes sounded like the yearning to be his
or the sound of “that should have been me”

to some, it sounded like poison
but as for me,
it has always sounded like home

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Absolutely Not the Ex (Poem #18)

You told me about her
on the first day we met
and since then,
I knew she’ll always be a threat

I’d rather lose you to someone else
than lose you to her
because that would feel like
the entire time you were with me
you’ve always been loving her secretly

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She’s Climbing His Standards (Poem #17)

He said.”I want my girl calm
but a little stormy inside
I want her to crave being in my arms
but at the same time
I want her distant
I want her reserved

in some nights
I want her wild, but a little shy
I want her loud, but with a soft side

I want breakfasts in bed
sometimes I just want the sight of her head
resting on my chest
but sometimes,
I want to skip breakfasts
because there will be nights that will last
when our world will be spinning so fast
we hold on to the bottle of gin in our hands Continue reading She’s Climbing His Standards (Poem #17)

History Lessons (Poem #16)

You asked,
“The guy you dated a year back,
was it love?”
and i said
“Ofcourse it was.”

“Everything you did,
do you remember all of it?”

“Ofcourse I do.
I remember long walks, long talks,
long fights, terrible nights.
I remember being happy,
as much as I remember
the pain he caused me.

There are things I can’t forget and
there are things
that no matter how bad it went
I can’t seem to regret it.”

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Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (Book Summary)

Grace and Jack Angel appears to be a happy couple, they also seem too perfect. Jack is a lawyer who never lost a case and Grace is a housewife. They’ve been married for a year and are living in a house they planned together. However, that perfect life is a lie because the truth is – Jack is keeping Grace as a prisoner, and they are far from being happy because they don’t act as couples when they are alone. Continue reading Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (Book Summary)

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (Book Review)

What I liked about it:

Easy to read. It was such a short read for me, probably because I was expecting the novel to get more complicated. However, it is a good thing that this was such an easy read – minimal characters, uncomplicated way of narration.
Plot. The plot will make me look forward to how the book will end. Since the story revolves around the wife, saving herself from her husband – wanting to know if they’d get saved made me hang on to the story.

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