The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewel (Book Summary)

On Libby’s 25th birthday, she received an inheritance – a huge house (can be considered a mansion). It is where her family used to live – according to old news articles, her parents were involved in a cult suicide pact, along with an unidentified man.

Libby asked the help of Miller Roe – an investigative journalist who wrote the article about her parents death. Together, they explored the house.

When Libby & Miller Roe decided to stay for the night at the house, they met a man who introduced himself as Phin. Phin was staying in the house, waiting for Libby. He invited them to his apartment, not far from where the house is. He told them stories about what really happened in that house, but he made them drink wine and in the morning, their memories are hazy. Miller Roe lost the recording (he suspects Phin) deleted it. When Libby & Miller Roe woke up, they were locked in the room but when Phin appeared, he simply claimed that he forgot to unlock it. He claims that he locks doors for his guests because he usually sleep walks. Continue reading The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewel (Book Summary)