Crash Landing on You (Full Summary)

Crash Landing on You Full Summary


Yoon Seri, fashion business owner and soon to be CEO of her family’s company, went paragliding and ended up in North Korea after a tornado. She was found by Captain Ri Jung Hyuk and he told her that she needs to be interrogated. Seri ran as fast as she can hoping she’d end up back in South Korea – but she ended up in the town where Captain Ri lives. Continue reading Crash Landing on You (Full Summary)

Hi Bye Mama (Full Summary)

Hi Bye Mama Full Summary


Cha Yu Ri has been dead for 5 years but she stayed by her daughter’s side just to watch her. (She died after getting hit by a car). Her husband, Jo Kang Hwa, whom she married at age 28, has remarried. Yu Ri was contented with just looking after her daughter, Seo Woo, but then she discovered that Seo Woo could see her. Seo Woo was even sent to the hospital because she fainted after ending up in a freezer while playing with a ghost. Yu Ri got worried about Seo Woo since she can see ghosts – she cried and cried and it rained hard. The next day while looking at her daughter, something strange happened – Kang Hwa caught her eye and stared at her for a long time. A snow melted on her shoulder, and someone just bumped into her..

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Summary)

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Summary


Secretary Kim had been working for Chairman Lee Young-Joon (A narcissist) for 9 years and she has decided to quit. She wants time for herself since she already paid her father’s loans. Lee Young-Joon got anxious and tries to figure out why Kim suddenly wants to leave. Kim revealed that she wants to get married and the Chairman said she would allow her to marry him. Continue reading What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Summary)

Hotel Del Luna (Summary)

Hotel Del Luna Summary


The year is 1998. A man was dying and ended up in the hotel. He attempted to steal but was eventually caught. In order to escape, he sold his son to Jang Man Wol – the hotel owner. On the year 2019, Man Wol went after the man’s son, Koo Chan Sung, and asked him to work at the hotel.

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Miss Granny Movie Review and Summary

Movie Review:

I cried twice on this movie because it shows how far a mother would go through just to feed her child, but don’t get me wrong, this movie is still on the side of comedy.

What made me choose this movie: This is the first movie that I watched for a very long time and this is not a movie I just stumbled upon the internet, I really searched for this. This is sadly not available on youtube so I really hoped I could get a copy for this online. I wanted to watch this because I saw a trailer of its remake this 2018 and I read somewhere that this is originally a Korean movie. Continue reading Miss Granny Movie Review and Summary