Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus (Book Summary)

The twins, Ellery and Ezra, moved to Echo Ridge to live with their grandmother since their mother, Sadie, is in rehab.

When Ellery and Ezra arrived, they were fetched by their grandmother and Melanie Kilduff. Melanie is the mother of the late Lacy Kilduff, the homecoming queen who was strangled to death 5 years ago in murderland, now known as fright farm.

As they drove, they saw a dead body in the middle or the road – it was the biology teacher and he’s already dead. The next day, officer Ryan Rodriguez questioned Ellery and Ezra – officer Rodriguez was very stunned to see them (later in the book it was revealed that officer Rodriguez is their half brother. They saw a picture of his later father who looked exactly like Ezra. They confronted Sadie about this and she admitted to have slept with a married man when she was in Echo Ridge) Continue reading Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus (Book Summary)