Tarnished by Julia Crouch (Book Summary)

Margaret Thwaites or Peg lives with her girlfriend, Loz in an apartment. Peg works as a library assistant while Loz is a chef.

Aside from being an assistant, Peg does her duty to Doll (her nan/grandmother) and Aunt Jean (her father’s sister). Doll suffers from Dementia while Jean is obese and bedridden.

Because of Doll’s condition, Peg decides to reach out to her estranged father, Raymond. She found him in Spain through his bar called Flamingos. Raymond already has his own family – a new wife named Caroline and a son named Paulie. He’s a rich businessman, and when they met he offered Peg money so she can put the past behind and so he could make it up to her. When Peg mentioned Doll to Raymond, he got furious. He clarified that he will never contact Doll and Jean again. Disappointed, Peg decided to go home. Continue reading Tarnished by Julia Crouch (Book Summary)