History Lessons (Poem #16)

You asked,
“The guy you dated a year back,
was it love?”
and i said
“Ofcourse it was.”

“Everything you did,
do you remember all of it?”

“Ofcourse I do.
I remember long walks, long talks,
long fights, terrible nights.
I remember being happy,
as much as I remember
the pain he caused me.

There are things I can’t forget and
there are things
that no matter how bad it went
I can’t seem to regret it.”

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Gift Ideas 2017

It’s not fun to empty your wallet and not get anything from it, but it really feels good to know that you emptied it because someone worth it is gonna get something from it. I was never a fan of giving gifts and shopping. Once, I gave a gift for someone’s birthday, I bought about four items because I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. So I bought four items (that time I am so financially stupid), and gave what I think was the best on the birthday, and I gave the other three the day after that when I finally confessed that I had a hard time looking for a gift. He said, “You shouldn’t have bothered.” Deep down I knew that he’s right.. I shouldn’t have bothered buying 4 gifts when I only need to give 1.

To save you time, and to save myself some time as well, I made a list of the gifts that I’ll be giving this Christmas. I haven’t bought a single thing for the people I’m giving gifts to yet. I am truly hoping that this will work out for me. I’ll make sure to post an update about how this will go. Continue reading Gift Ideas 2017

History and My Anxiety

I have always been anxious about what might happen next, but there are days when i am anxious about the past.

Previous mistakes. 

I am haunted by the mistakes i did in the past that could hurt me in the present. I am afraid of the nudes i sent and my idiotic drunk self files. I am afraid of the words I said that may have left an impression to a person. I am afraid that everything that made me happy in the past will stop me from being happy in the future. Continue reading History and My Anxiety