Dead to Me Season 2 (Summary)

Dead to Me Season 2 Summary


Judy Hale helped Jen Harding get rid of Steve Wood’s body. The next day, Jen’s neighbor, Karen, visited her and mentioned their CCTV that showed Steve getting inside her house.  Judy is back in Jen’s house again, she had nowhere else to go and Jen also needed her. The next day, someone knocked on the door – they saw Steve. Continue reading Dead to Me Season 2 (Summary)

Sorry for Needing You (Poem #31)

“It hurts to be needed.”
It was all you could mumble
after I said:

“I need you, to make myself wanted
so I can have someone to turn to
when he tells me it’s time for me to go

I need you, so I can feel pretty
so I can feel like I am enough
after he talks nonstop
about the girl who came before me Continue reading Sorry for Needing You (Poem #31)

I Think I Killed Us (Poem #23)

“I Think I Killed Us”
Those phrases were like bees buzzing in my ear
no matter how I try to escape
it’s all I seem to hear

“Cheat before he does, or play games before you get played.”
It’s hard ignoring those words
it’s hard being blamed for my pain
it’s hard seeing potential men
and then use the ones that can help me
to protect myself so that when you finally cheat
it wouldn’t hurt as much Continue reading I Think I Killed Us (Poem #23)

The Reason Why She Stays Even After He Cheats

I forgive you, not because I want to, but because I missed you.

It had been months or years with this guy and there were already tons of memories that have been made. One single mistake can erase everything that he did right, but some girls can see past through the mistake and prefer to have him around, hoping that he’ll change.

Sometimes, it just happens all at once and some girls are not yet ready to let go and lose everything she will surely miss. Continue reading The Reason Why She Stays Even After He Cheats

The Reason Why I Choose to Keep my Misery All to Myself

I was heartbroken and I don’t have anyone else to talk to. This is honestly the main reason I started this blog.

On my early posts I mentioned about catching my boyfriend cheating. I realized that I could not handle this by myself but as much as I want to voice it out, I don’t think someone in real life truly understands how I feel, or is willing to give me the advice that I wanted to follow. I remember sharing my heartbreaking story to four friends. Continue reading The Reason Why I Choose to Keep my Misery All to Myself

Gift Ideas 2017

It’s not fun to empty your wallet and not get anything from it, but it really feels good to know that you emptied it because someone worth it is gonna get something from it. I was never a fan of giving gifts and shopping. Once, I gave a gift for someone’s birthday, I bought about four items because I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. So I bought four items (that time I am so financially stupid), and gave what I think was the best on the birthday, and I gave the other three the day after that when I finally confessed that I had a hard time looking for a gift. He said, “You shouldn’t have bothered.” Deep down I knew that he’s right.. I shouldn’t have bothered buying 4 gifts when I only need to give 1.

To save you time, and to save myself some time as well, I made a list of the gifts that I’ll be giving this Christmas. I haven’t bought a single thing for the people I’m giving gifts to yet. I am truly hoping that this will work out for me. I’ll make sure to post an update about how this will go. Continue reading Gift Ideas 2017