Dead to Me Season 2 (Summary)

Dead to Me Season 2 Summary


Judy Hale helped Jen Harding get rid of Steve Wood’s body. The next day, Jen’s neighbor, Karen, visited her and mentioned their CCTV that showed Steve getting inside her house.  Judy is back in Jen’s house again, she had nowhere else to go and Jen also needed her. The next day, someone knocked on the door – they saw Steve. Continue reading Dead to Me Season 2 (Summary)

What Was Mine by Helen Klein Ross (Book Summary)

Lucy Wakefield kidnapped a baby that was left on a shopping cart in IKEA. The baby’s mother, Marilyn, was just talking over the phone, and when she came back for her daughter, she was already gone. For years, Lucy and her husband tried so hard to conceive a child but they just couldn’t – until they separated. Continue reading What Was Mine by Helen Klein Ross (Book Summary)

My Blogging Misconceptions 

I thought blogging always corresponds to fame

There are really bloggers who mate it big time. There are people who are so famous back then even though i do not know what they do, and when I heard that all they blog, I immediately associated fame and blogging. I even concluded that one can’t refer oneself as a blogger if he/she is not famous. Excuse my ignorance! Continue reading My Blogging Misconceptions 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Book Summary and Ending)

On their 5th anniversary, Amy Elliotte Dunne went missing. Her husband, Nick, was at the bar he owned with his twin sister, Margo. Their neighbor called him, telling him that the door in their house was open and everything was a mess. An investigation pushed through and it all leads to one suspect, Nick himself. During anniversaries, Amy always set up a treasure hunt, and on that anniversary, Amy did something different. Continue reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Book Summary and Ending)

The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre (Book Summary)

Deanna makes a living through modeling on or other sites. She gets paid nearly 7 dollars a minute by having cybersex. She locks herself in her apartment, 6E. She never goes out and supplies neighbor with drugs so he could lock her up in her room at night. She hates human interaction and she has a disorder – an uncontrollable urge to kill. Her name is Jess Reilly online. Continue reading The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre (Book Summary)

Gift Ideas 2017

It’s not fun to empty your wallet and not get anything from it, but it really feels good to know that you emptied it because someone worth it is gonna get something from it. I was never a fan of giving gifts and shopping. Once, I gave a gift for someone’s birthday, I bought about four items because I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. So I bought four items (that time I am so financially stupid), and gave what I think was the best on the birthday, and I gave the other three the day after that when I finally confessed that I had a hard time looking for a gift. He said, “You shouldn’t have bothered.” Deep down I knew that he’s right.. I shouldn’t have bothered buying 4 gifts when I only need to give 1.

To save you time, and to save myself some time as well, I made a list of the gifts that I’ll be giving this Christmas. I haven’t bought a single thing for the people I’m giving gifts to yet. I am truly hoping that this will work out for me. I’ll make sure to post an update about how this will go. Continue reading Gift Ideas 2017