Recursion by Blake Crouch (Book Summary)

Barry Sutton is a detective who attempted to saved a woman from killing herself – he wasn’t able to save her but he got curious about the reason why she killed herself. She was said to have FMS (False Memory Syndrome), a known disease in Manhattan. Someone that has FMS suddenly wakes up with a new set of memories – like having another life. Most people with FMS become suicidal because they are no longer sure what’s real and not.

As Barry dug into the woman he tried to saved – he ended up in a hotel. He lost consciousness and when he woke up, he was on a chair and the man was with him. He asked him to describe the day his daughter, Megan, died. He described the memory and it suddenly seemed so vivid. The next thing he knew, he was already in that memory and he was able to stop Megan from getting hit by a truck. A man he met from the hotel showed up and told him that he was given a gift. He was able to go back in time and this is now his reality. A new timeline has been created – he gets to live his life again. Continue reading Recursion by Blake Crouch (Book Summary)