A Date for Mad Mary (Movie Summary)

Mary just got out of prison (she stayed there for 6 months) and came back days before her bestfriend Charlene’s wedding day. She noticed that Charlene changed. She was also pressured to have a date since she felt left out. She searched for dates but nothing worked out. She ended up hooking up with Jess who was the videographer for Charlene’s wedding. (She was confused since she never knew she liked girls.) They ended up not working out since Jess felt like Mary’s using her for the sake of whatever Charlene may say. The wedding ended well with Charlene and Mary dancing and talking. The movie ended with Mary picking up a phonecall while smiling. Continue reading A Date for Mad Mary (Movie Summary)

UNindian (Movie Summary)

Mira recently moved to her new house in Australia, together with her daughter Smitha. She lives near her parents who check her out every once in a while. Her parents also set her up to men they think are rich and a good catch. When they were at at an event called Holi she encountered Will, whom she has thrown holi powder too, but was wearing a white blazer. Continue reading UNindian (Movie Summary)

Make Sure It’s Really Love (Poem #8)

You have always been consumed
by the thought
of having someone to hold
someone to label your own
and to give yourself to
but darling, I’ve noticed
how you never bothered to listen
how you’ve always been too caught up
on your own problems
to realize that i am capable too
of being broken Continue reading Make Sure It’s Really Love (Poem #8)

I Just Hope This Happens (Poem #7)

I hope that the next time you’ll talk about love
your eyes will be shining
not from tears, but from happiness

I hope the next time his name’s brought up
your pulse will stay as it is
you wont flinch
you won’t close your eyes
you’d mention another name
and your face will light up again Continue reading I Just Hope This Happens (Poem #7)