Riverdale Season 1 (Summary)

Date i finished watching it: April 24, 2017 (Season 1, Episodes 1-10)

​There was a new student at Riverdale High, Veronica Lodge. Veronica Lodge and her family (mother Hermione Lodge, and father Hiram Lodge) used to be so rich until Hiram got caught and sent to prison. Veronica’s first friends were Betty Cooper and Archie. Betty always liked her bestfriend Archie and when she told him about what she felt, he said that he doesn’t look at her or love her that way. Also, Veronica and Archie were dared by Cheryl Blossom and they ended up kissing in a closet, and when they got out, Betty was gone. After that incident they managed to be friends again, and even joined the cheer leading team lead by Cheryl. Continue reading Riverdale Season 1 (Summary)

Big Little Lies (Summary)

Date i finished watching it: April 23, 2017 (Season 1, Episode 1 to 7)

Jane Chapman is a single mom who just moved to a new town. Her first friend is Madeline Mackenzie who is a very influential parent, whom she met while they are on their way to her son’s school. Madeline introduced her to other parents like Renata, Nathan (Madeline’s ex husband), Bonnie (Nathan’s new girlfriend) and Celeste (Madeline’s bestfriend). Continue reading Big Little Lies (Summary)

4 Idle Phrases

Sometimes when i daydream, i end up jotting down phrases. Here are 4 random phrases and poems i have written this April.


​I guess it could’ve been so much better
if we met and looked at each other’s eyes
nodded, and went on our separate ways

but we started a fire
and burned along with it
we went against all odds
for a love story
that never should’ve started Continue reading 4 Idle Phrases

Distorted Thoughts

Another one flew abroad, another is getting married and another one got a stable job. As much as social media turned us into trendy and brave individuals, it continuously gave us a view of a much greener pasture. Everyone else’s lives are a hundred times better than yours. You finally went out of town, but everyone else flew out of the country. You finally got your degree, but everyone did it with flying colors and a much better story. “I finally did this and finally did that.” A huge accomplishment, but people will point out that 7 kilometers away, someone else did it better. Continue reading Distorted Thoughts