Silly Things I Did For Love

All the things I never thought I could do – I did it so easily for you.

I lied to my parents.

If there’s one thing unique with my parents – it’s their open mindedness when I was a teenager. Unlike most of my friends, I don’t have to lie about where I am going. Most of my classmates tell their parents that their doing a group project – but I get to tell my parents that I’d be partying with my friends, and probably some friendly guys. But here’s the catch – I am allowed to have a boyfriend, but there are a few things young couples are not meant to do yet. And so, as much as I hate it, i lie every time they ask.

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One of the Many Things I Suck At – Communicating

My ideal version of my self is someone that’s fun to be with, mostly because I am aware that I am the least fun to be with. I’ve always been the kind that’s silent. I’ve always been a follower. I never planned a party or a nightout on my own. When I am somewhere else aside from my room, that’s because some extrovert dragged me there. Days before a gathering I’d always think ahead and worry of being left alone in a venue full of people. I’d worry that I’d never blend in, that I’d just sit alone in a table while everyone else keeps up with each other – and these are not worries out of blue because I’ve been in that situation for a hundred times since I was a kid. Continue reading One of the Many Things I Suck At – Communicating

Older and Less Wiser

Have you ever felt like you are pinned to your day job with zero progress while the younger generation is out there, conquering the world? What is happening?

To clarify, I am a millennial. I am 22 years old, and I am referring to the people who are 1 to 3 years younger than me who are now looking so accomplished. Not everyone, but most of them. I feel like it wouldn’t take a year for me to have a boss that was my junior in highschool. There really is nothing wrong with that, but the problem is with me. I feel like I am stagnant, like everyone else is freely running, reaching their dreams, but I am still learning how to run. Continue reading Older and Less Wiser

My Thoughts on Alcohol

I have been drunk a number of times – with that, I meant the drunkest among the people I was drinking with. Sure, drinking is fun but most of the time, I instantly regret drinking the moment I wake up a day after that. I have really bad hangovers, probably because of my lifestyle, yet I always manage to convince myself that the hangover will subside, but the memories will last forever.

There are really times when I crave drinking and some people’s company. Sometimes, I don’t crave drinking but when a friend mentions drinks, I just go with the flow and realize that alcohol tastes as good even when I am not craving it. Continue reading My Thoughts on Alcohol

I Built Friendships I Can’t Keep

I haven’t done any research but I’ve heard and seen enough to say that normally, each person has a bestfriend. I never thought that at 21, after all the abilities that I lack, I would end up questioning my ability to keep friends.

When I was a kid, there were a few kids I normally hang out with. I used to think that I had friends, lots of it. I was quite in demand as a playmate. Right now I realize that we were friends because we sat together in class for years or it’s because our moms were friends with each other and we were forced to play as they hang out. Continue reading I Built Friendships I Can’t Keep

Am I Leading A Boring Life?

I’ve been told many times that my life is boring and for all those times, I tried to argue and reason out. My life isn’t boring just because you have no idea how I am living it. Ofcourse I never said that, but I was so sure that they are only thinking that my life’s boring because they got no clue. I am not obliged to let them know how I am enjoying my life. They are not meant to judge whatever I do in the weekend. It is none of their business and it is absolutely so rude of them to tell me that my life is a lot less enjoyable than theirs. I was holding on to that thought – until someone very close to me told me that. So right now, I am quite convinced that I am living an extremely boring life. And I am both pissed and sad to slowly realize that everyone who’s telling me that I lead a boring life, could be right. Continue reading Am I Leading A Boring Life?

Things I Should Improve on Myself

The motivation to socialize.

I am probably one of those people that finds socializing tiring. This comes naturally with most people, but for those who are like me, this requires effort and long deep breaths to get it started. As for me, socializing is both emotionally and physically draining. As much as I want to be very close to the people around me, I just can’t find the courage and the motivation to keep on socializing. Small talk is already a huge deal for me, and this is sadly not one of the things I can get from the training I had with the company. This is something I need to do personally, and it honestly feels like i am waaaaay behind because this comes naturally for most people and I am still struggling with it. Continue reading Things I Should Improve on Myself

The Reason Why She Stays Even After He Cheats

I forgive you, not because I want to, but because I missed you.

It had been months or years with this guy and there were already tons of memories that have been made. One single mistake can erase everything that he did right, but some girls can see past through the mistake and prefer to have him around, hoping that he’ll change.

Sometimes, it just happens all at once and some girls are not yet ready to let go and lose everything she will surely miss. Continue reading The Reason Why She Stays Even After He Cheats

The Reason Why I Choose to Keep my Misery All to Myself

I was heartbroken and I don’t have anyone else to talk to. This is honestly the main reason I started this blog.

On my early posts I mentioned about catching my boyfriend cheating. I realized that I could not handle this by myself but as much as I want to voice it out, I don’t think someone in real life truly understands how I feel, or is willing to give me the advice that I wanted to follow. I remember sharing my heartbreaking story to four friends. Continue reading The Reason Why I Choose to Keep my Misery All to Myself

My Journey with Reading Novels

Back in 5th grade, I was not allowed to read romantic novels because I was still too young, but there were nights when i couldn’t sleep, so I secretly read novels underneath my blanket. A year after, we found out that my eyes were damaged and I had to get glasses, with 2.50 on each. It was already obvious that I read, so I was already allowed to read novels (romantic once since this is the only novels available at home). I read it before sleeping, on weekdays and on summer vacations. Continue reading My Journey with Reading Novels