Russian Doll Season 1 (Summary)

Russian Doll Season 1 Summary


Nadia Vulvokov was celebrating her 36th birthday and got hit by a taxi while trying to chase her cat, Oatmeal. She relived her birthday again and felt like she’s experiencing déjà vu. She ended up falling off the river while looking for her cat that disappeared from her lap. She relived her birthday for the 3rd time and told herself to be careful.


Nadia died the day after her birthday. She thinks it’s the new drugs she took, Ketamine. She fell down hole then fell down stairs 4 times. She asked Ruth Brenner, her therepist, to bring her to a psych ward but the ambulance that took her crashed and she died.


Nadia got a haircut from a homeless man and spent some time with him – then she froze to death. While in an elevator, there was an interruption and she found someone else that also dies all the time. His name is Alan Zaveri.


Alan keeps going back to the day when he’s about to propose to his girlfriend, Beatrice, but instead she broke up with him. Nadia and Alan met again and they tried to figure out their situation. Alan died again, he got electrocuted.


Alan attended Nadia’s birthday party and saw the man his girlfriend cheated with, his name is Mike Kershaw. Nadia died of gas explosion twice and once from gunshot. Alan died from a Bike accident and from being hit by a car. The both of them already died 15 times. They think they die at the same time.


The both of them is still trying to figure out their situation. They once died after being swarmed by bees. They tried to remember how Alan died first because he was drunk that night and couldn’t recall what happened. Nadia revealed she slept with Mike the first time she died. Alan got angry and he had sex with Nadia that night. They later on died again, Nadia choked from a chicken bone. When they came back, something new happened – the mirror from the bathroom where they always find themselves after dying is now gone. Alan also finally remember how he died first – he killed himself by jumping off the building.


Nadia keeps seeing her younger self and she dies of heart attack each time. Also, every time they restart, more people and things disappear. Alan thinks they may die this time and never come back. Alan went to talk to his girlfriend to get proper closure. Nadia talked to Ruth to express her guilt on how she let her mother die when she chose to live with Ruth instead of her own mother. After that, both Nadia and Alan started bleeding.


They lived the same day again and the people and things that once disappeared are now back. Looks like everything is back to normal and what they previously did worked. Nadia and Alan met at the Deli at the same time but there has been a mix up they were in two separate timelines. Nadia was in a timeline where Alan doesn’t know her and Alan is in another timeline where Nadia doesn’t know him. Both of them tried to save each other this time  – and they were successful.

The End of Russian Doll Season 1. According to this website, Season 2 is expected to be released on 2021.

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