The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewel (Book Summary)

On Libby’s 25th birthday, she received an inheritance – a huge house (can be considered a mansion). It is where her family used to live – according to old news articles, her parents were involved in a cult suicide pact, along with an unidentified man.

Libby asked the help of Miller Roe – an investigative journalist who wrote the article about her parents death. Together, they explored the house.

When Libby & Miller Roe decided to stay for the night at the house, they met a man who introduced himself as Phin. Phin was staying in the house, waiting for Libby. He invited them to his apartment, not far from where the house is. He told them stories about what really happened in that house, but he made them drink wine and in the morning, their memories are hazy. Miller Roe lost the recording (he suspects Phin) deleted it. When Libby & Miller Roe woke up, they were locked in the room but when Phin appeared, he simply claimed that he forgot to unlock it. He claims that he locks doors for his guests because he usually sleep walks.

Libby & Miller found Phin suspicious. So they worked on investigating further. Phin told them that the unidentified man found along with Libby’s parents is David Thomsen – Phin’s father. Libby & Miller found Sally, David’s ex wife. Later on they found Clemency – David and Sally’s daughter, Phin’s sister. Clemency told them most of the truth.


The Truth: 

Henry & Lucy lamb lives comfortably in their home (the same house Libby inherited) with with their parents until their money started running out. When their money ran out, they met Birdie, a singer – who used the house to film her music video. Strange thing is after filming the video, she didn’t leave the house and even brought in her boyfriend named Justin.

Mr. Lamb had a stroke and Birdie suggested a physical therapist named David Thomsen – after a few days David and his family moved in with him. David’s family includes his wife, Sally and two children, Phin and Clemency.

Lucy and Clemency became very close friends while Henry struggled with his relationship with Phin, because he secretly liked him.

When it was revealed that Henry saw David and Birdie kissing, Sally moved out of the house. David and Birdie continued their relationship while Justin stayed in the house, simply tending at his garden. He has built a garden where they get most of their veggies and tea leaves.

As days went by, David and Birdie gained control over the household. Mr. Lamb could no longer talk, he just kept on sitting, staring into thin air. Mrs. Lamb eventually got pregnant with David’s child – the children were horrified. Birdie was okay with it.

Justin left the house when he found himself another job. He left his books in the house for Henry to find – so Henry took over the garden and read the books. Henry thought that the baby in his mother’s womb would worsen the situation – so he served his mother juices/teas based on the book that teaches how to induce abortion. At 5 months, the baby died and they had to bury it in the backyard. Mrs. Lamb was never the same after that.

Since Mrs. Lamb changed after losing her baby, David and Birdie took full control of the household and implemented rules. They added locks to the children’s doors, they did not allow the children to wear clothes and shoes – they can only wear black robes. Their diet is also very strict – and most of them looked very thin and malnourished.

Phin also got locked in his room after he pushed Henry to the river (truth was, he pushed Henry because he kissed him).

Not long after losing Mrs. Lamb’s baby – David announced another pregnancy, and this time it was Lucy. Lucy was able to give birth to a baby girl and Birdie took care of the baby, pretended like it was her own.

David announced that he would host a party for Birdie’s 30th birthday – the children, led by Henry, thought of a plan. They wanted to escape. The thought of escaping started when Henry went inside David and Birdie’s room to check his parents will regarding the house. Henry saw luxurious things in David and Birdie’s bedroom, there was even a bottle of wine. So Henry planned that he would make his Belladonna tea to let the adults sleep and give them time to escape.

Henry served the tea and the adults fell asleep. While they were escaping, Birdie woke up and went upstairs. Henry hit her and killed her. When they checked the adults in the dining hall, they found out that they were dead! To avoid getting in trouble, Henry organized the scene like the three of them were cult members, making a sacrifice, killing themselves – after that, they planned to escape.

But they encountered problems – Clemency ran away. She ran away until she finally reached her mom’s apartment. As for Phin, he was very sick and he insisted that they leave him behind. And for Lucy, she is not sure what to do because she needs to take care of the baby.

Henry and Lucy talked that night and it was revealed that the baby wasn’t David’s – it was Phin’s. Henry got angry and went to Phin. Phin was tied up and Henry kissed him. When he was done kissing Phin, he slept beside him. When he woke up, Phin and Lucy were gone. It was just him, the baby and the dead adults who are left in that house.

So he thought of an escape – he added a note in the suicide letter informing that there is a baby upstairs. After leaving the baby, making sure she’s not hungry, she left the house and called the police – informing that he’s just a neighbor, wanting their neighbor’s house checked.

Henry looked for a job and found one – he got rich. Then 25 years later, he went back to the house to meet Libby (real name is Serenity Lamb)

Meanwhile, on the night Lucy and Phin ranaway, they simply went to the doctor because Phin was very ill. The doctor took care of them until they recovered but when they are already well, the police already found the body of the adults and they no longer had a chance to come back for the baby. The doctor helped them leave the country – and Lucy & Phin worked for around 2 years. The two of them were just friends who talks about their baby every now and then. One morning, Lucy woke up and Phin was gone. Lucy left too and brought along a fiddle, then played in the streets as he looked for Phin. She eventually gave up.

Lucy met a man, had a baby boy – then they broke up because he was abusive. He met another man he loved but also left, they had a baby girl. By the time Libby turned 25 and Lucy planned to return to London – Lucy sadly has no money and no passport. Lucy asked help from her ex husband but ended up killing him because he got abusive when he had sex with her (in exchange for the passport) . Lucy hid his body in the cellar and fled to London the next day.

Lucy and Libby finally met, and they sold the house.

They were also able to locate Phin with the help of Miller Roe – he was alive after all.

Libby quit her job. She fell in love with Miller Roe. She’s now happier now that she belongs to her real family.

The End of The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewel.



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Eva Harmoni

There was one night when the rain poured so hard, and i didn't want it to stop. Weird, because i was afraid and amused by the sound of the rain and thunder. The sound of it made me less alone that night. The next day i woke up to find my collection of journals soaked. I keep it near the window to make sure no one could read it. The writings can still be read but i was devastated by the damage. I wanted it preserved but i don't want it published. Still amused by the rain but afraid of the wrath it could bring to my journals, i created this blog.

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