The Undoing of Saint Silvanus by Beth Moore (Book Summary)

Jillian Slater lives with her boyfriend, Vince. Vince is also the owner of the restaurant where Jillian works.

One day, while Vince was away for a business meeting, Jillian received a call informing her that her father, Rafe, is dead. Even though she is unsure if it’s the right thing to do, she flew to New Orleans.

When she arrived, she was greeted by Adella. Adella is just Olivia’s assistant. Olivia is Jillian’s grandmother who showed no interest in having Jillian around. It turns out that Olivia didn’t know that Jillian was coming, Adella just invited her because she thought it would be the best.

Jillian was not happy at how things were at New Orleans. Olivia isn’t thrilled to see her, and Jillian finds it odd that Olivia is living in an old church along with other tenants. The other tenants are David, Caryn & Vida. David is a proffessor, who is very friendly to Jillian. Caryn is a med student who’s always busy with her studies and Vida is an old woman who’s always acting like her dead husband is alive.

On the first visit to New Orleans, Jillian stayed at an inn because she couldn’t imagine living in an old church, with her estranged grandmother. She didn’t stay long at New Orleans.

On her second visit, Jillian had no choice. She broke up with her boyfriend, Vince. She caught him cheating with another waiter. She left his loft, and has taken away money from him. She doesn’t have any money while living with Vince because he manages the finances. Jillian flew to New Orlean’s and asked help from Adella. Adella then referred Jillian to Olivia.

Jillian stayed at the old church, since she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. She is close to her mother but she is more like a sister or a friend to her. Her mother has boyfriends who have been better prioritized than Jillian.

Jillian and Olivia agreed that she’s stay a week until she can find a job and get on her own feet. She stayed for more than that week, Olivia advised that she can stay as long as she wants. The room she is occupying is Rafe’s room (her father).

After a few days Jillian got a job and a friend. She got a job as a waiter in a nearby cafe, she also got a friend named Stella who she just randomly met while strolling.

During Jillian’s stay, there have been weird incidents in Saint Sans. Someone left a doll, a knife, and someone even tried hurting them – only Jillian and David got hurt. One afternoon while the police came over, Olivia revealed that she has lost money that used to be in a drawer. Adella looked at accusingly at Jillian because Adella knew that Jillian took money from her ex boyfriend . Jillian got offended, so she packed her bags and stormed out of Saint Sans and went to Stella’s apartment.

When Jillian arrived at Stella’s, she was cleaning and wasn’t ready for an unexpected visitor but she still welcomed Jillian. Stella had to go somewhere for a while and Jillian took a shower in the meantime. When Jillian got out of the bathroom, something caught her eye – there was a photo of Rafe and Stella. While rummaging through Stella’s stuff, she arrived and tried explaining the reason why she was with Rafe in a photograph. Stella admitted that they were in a relationship. To better understand the situation, Stella asked for Jillian to come with her to show her something.

Stella took Jillian to what looked like a storage room. She showed Jillian some news articles which revealed that Stella was the son of Mr. Nolan – the man who committed suicide after Mr. Fontaine (Olivia’s husband / Jillian’s grandfather) tricked him and left him bankrupt. Stella has been plotting revenge for a long time. After telling Jillian the truth, he ordered the gigantic man named Crawley (who’s somehow retarded) to hit Jillian in the head. After a few times of refusal, Crawley finally obliged.

Meanwhile in Saint Sans, everyone got worried because of how Jillian left them. When Vida heard that Jillian still has not come home (she was in shock since they were attacked) , she finally started talking again. She told everyone that they would need ransom money to get Jillian, and they could use the money she hid. They discovered that the money Olivia lost, which they accused Jillian of stealing, has just been hidden by Vida all this time. It made them worry even more, and it also made Adella very guilty.

The police have been looking for Jillian – led by Bully and Cal. Bully likes Jillian and has been a little obvious about it while Cal secretly started liking her too. They started at the cafe, and then proceeded to Stella’s apartment. They got a hold of Crawley and interrogated him. He’s the suspect for breaking into Saint Sans with a knife. It was hard to talk to him, but after a couple of questions he was able to say Stella’s name.

No one was home, but they found Jillian’s shirt in the trashcan. One of them found a receipt for a storage room and they tracked that down – and that’s where they found Jillian. She was badly hurt but she’s alive. While in the ambulance, Jillian told Cal that it was Stella who killed her Dad.

Bully was in Saint Sans, and was outside the old church when he was hit by Stella’s car.

It took weeks for Jillian to recover. Because Olivia got worried, she contacted Jillian’s mom, who was frantic and instructed that she wanted Jillian home as soon as she is fit to travel. When Jillian finally recovered, she discovered that Bully has been hit by Stella and is in critical condition. No one told her because they don’t want hee to worry.

Jillian visited Bully and prayed for him. It was a relief that he was slowly getting better despite of the doctor’s advise of not getting their hopes up. In the end he was able to get back to work.


The Ending: 

Jillian stayed at Saint Sans because when she was about to fly home, she discovered that her mom got another boyfriend. Her relationship with everyone, especially with Olivia has greatly improved.

Olivia decided to give away the Nolan’s money to charity. Jillian offered that she would share her inheritance to Olivia (that inheritance was supposed to be Rafe’s).

Jillian enrolled in a cooking class, which was Olivia’s gift to her. She also started dating Cal (the policeman). She rejected Cal at first because she wasn’t ready for a relationship, but Cal patiently waited. He wrote a letter every month and gave it to the cemetery’s caretaker, asking him to give it to Jillian. He thought that it would be a sign that Jillian’s ready when she finally visits her Dad’s grave. When Jillian received the letters, she then texted Cal. The End.


List of Characters:

            • Jillian Slater – main character
            • Vince – Jillian’s (ex) boyfriend
            • Rafe – Jillian’s father
            • Adella – Olivia’s assistant
            • Olivia – Jillian’s grandmother
            • David – tenant / a proffessor
            • Caryn – tenant / med student
            • Vida – tenant / old woman
            • Stella – seeking revenge / the killer
            • Mr. Nolan – Stella’s father
            • Mr. Fontaine – Olivia’s late husband
            • Crawley – hired by Stella
            • Bully – policeman
            • Cal – policeman
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