Blood in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope (Book Summary)

Thea Osborne has a new house sitting assignment in Cotswold. The owner will not be around for a month but she only has to look after the house (including the snake and the horses) for around a week since the owner’s son will be taking over. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Phil Hollis, a policeman. Phil planned on just staying for a day with Thea, however he hurt his back because of the feather mattress. He went to the doctor the next day and was told that it was a slipped disc and he needed to rest for a couple of days until the pain subsides.

One morning, a beech tree fell. When Phil passed by it he discovered a human skull, so he notified the police. The investigation started and a few people started reaching out to him.

First was Stephen Pritchet, he told Phil that he fears the skeleton could belong to his son, Giles, who had been missing for nearly 2 years. Phil confirmed after a few days that the bones don’t belong to Giles because according to the study, it belonged to someone who died 5 years ago.

The second person who reached out to Phil was Robin. Robin’s daughter, Soraya, came over to inform that the horses have escaped. Robin brought the horses back and started asking Phil about the bones he found. Robin also informed him that it may belong to a random bloke. Phil immediately concluded that what Robin said was just a distraction.

The third person who visited Phil and Thea was Rupert. He visited twice. On the first visit he asked for the owner of the house. On the second visit, he asked Phil to stop the investigation because it’s stressing the people in Cotswold. Rupert also explained that he is Janey’s twin. Janey is the gigantic woman who regularly talked to Thea and Phil regarding saints. Rupert and Janey are very different since Rupert is very good looking. Rupert explained that this is because they share the same mother, but not the same father.

The fourth person that visited is Giles – he turned out to be alive. He pointed a gun at Phil as he slept and while Thea was away. When Phil woke up he tried to talk to Giles. Before Giles could shot him, the police arrived and shot Giles. Someone reported his presence with a gun an hour ago.

After all those visits, Thea, Phil and the detective in charge, Galdwin, started forming hypothesis. Thea had a theory that it was Fiona (Janey’s friend) who killed the man they suspected as Rupert’s father. Thea stormed out of the house to look for Thea, but her theory was wrong.

They thought that the dead man was Rupert’s father because of the DNA result. According to the DNA test, the bones belong to Rupert however that does not make sense because Rupert has been talking to Thea and Phil. They also saw Soraya and Rupert holding hands one afternoon. However, they soon realized that the DNA really belonged to Rupert and the man Thea and Phil met was an impostor.

They were able to pin down the impostor when Soraya called the police informing them that someone is holding her and her dad Robin as hostage. She pretended that she was calling her friend Fiona because the suspect was listening.

When the police along with Phil arrived, Detective Galdwin tried knocking on the doors (front and back) – no one answered. A few moments later, Thea and Janey arrived. Janey announced that the man would listen to her and would not hurt her. She burst through the door. When she got out, she revealed that everyone was safe except for Robin. He was not critically injured, just needs medical assistance.

Everybody got distracted and nobody saw the impostor try to escape. Phil was able to spot him and threw himself to him. He held on to his leg to stop him from running away. The impostor wasn’t able to escape and his identity was revealed – his real name is Sammy and he is Janey’s husband. Janey was trying to help him escape.

Sammy the impostor held Soraya and Robin his captive because he wants to be with Soraya but Robin objects. Sammy was also the one who killed the real Rupert (the reason not mentioned! It was just mentioned twice that he was a waste of space). Sammy kept on pretending to be Rupert because of the trust that Janey enjoys – the trust could be removed once everybody finds out the Rupert is already dead. Giles ran away because he knew about what happened to Rupert. aGiles came back because he wanted kill Phil – he angry at Phil for revealing that he found a skull.

I was in a bad mood after reading this book because everything else was portrayed in pages (including the cringe worthy conversations between Thea and Phil) but the ending was only explained in 2 pages?!! It wasn’t even fully explained. The last pages were just a question and answer between Thea and Phil with the answers mostly starting with ‘I think’ .

Did i miss something or is this something the author didn’t mention:

  1. Why did Sammy kill Rupert? 
  2. It was mentioned that the victim’s hand and foot was cutoff (and was suggested that it has been involved in some kind of a reenactment for a Saint’s death). Since that theory was not true then why was it cutoff?

List of Characters:

        • Thea Osborne – house sitter / Phil’s girlfriend
        • Phil Hollis – a policman / Thea’s boyfriend
        • Stephen Pritchet – resident of Cotswold / father of Giles
        • Giles – used to be a resident of Cotswold / missing for over a year
        • Robin – resident of Cotswold / Soraya’s father
        • Soraya  – resident of Cotswold / Robin’s daughter
        • Rupert – resident of Cotswold / an impostor
        • Janey – resident of Cotswold / the woman who befriended Thea
        • Galdwin – new detective
        • Fiona – friend of Janey



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