False Memory by Dean Koontz (Book Review)

What I liked about it:

Rare Plot: It’s not a usual novel that revolves around death. It does not start with a mysterious death by a serial killer that detectives chase the entire book. It starts with no death at all, just a couple of weird things they could not explain.
There were many questions that kept me going, but it never got to the point that I was confused. Also, the questions that I had were all answered in the end.
Connections that I never saw coming. There is more to the villain and his actions, at the near end of the novel it turns out that there was a reason why the main victims, Martie and Dusty, were chosen.
Shift of scenes. The story is told between the villain and the victims, and at some point I get tired of it (since it’s quite a long read) , the story shifts into Dusty’s complicated family family and the villain’s adventures and previous victims. The author makes sure as well to add their dog’s cuteness on some scenes.
It was not hard to comprehend. For a novel that involves many characters, multiple scenes, settings and flashbacks, this turned out to be such an easy read.
It is relatable. The villain’s crimes was hard to believe at first but as I understand the story through the victim’s perspective, I realized that what happened to them in this novel can actually happen in real life. (Spoiler: The victims were brainwashed and hypnotized)
Most of all, it is thrilling. The villain likes his game to be fair, so he gives his victims clues. Like letting Dusty read the novel that contains the characters he used to hypnotize them. Another one is leaving his semen on Susan, to give her a clue that something is not right. Everytime the victims get a step closer into defeating the villain, he then takes two more steps, revealing how influencial he is. Making the novel full of thrill.

What I didn’t like about the book:

It was such a long read. I am not saying that it is dragging because as far as I can remember, I enjoyed each chapter that I read. However it makes me wonder why I read this from May 6 – June 16, 2018. More than a month.
One of my favorite characters died and annoying characters get to live.

How it ended for me:

It ended with proper closure and what seems to me like a perfect ending for the novel. Major and minor characters were mentioned on the last chapter, making sure that it is clear that they get to live a great life without the presence of the villain. I could not ask for a better ending.

            • False Memory by Dean Koontz Review
            • Finished reading on: June 16, 2018
            • Rating: 4/5
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