Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins (Book Summary)

Dolores Nolan, or Lola, lives with her parents who are gay. Her mother Norah, who’s a fortuneteller, also happens to be a drunkard and troublemaker. Lola loves to dress up. She often wears costumes and wigs. She has a boyfriend named Max who’s from a band. He’s 22 and she’s 17, one of the many reasons her parents don’t like him.

It all began when the Bells moved in again. She had a terrible past with the Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket. Calliope is now a skater and have many advertisements while Cricket studies Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley and has always bee supportive to his twin.

Their conflict with Lola: Calliope and Lola were friends until he decided to stop being friends with her. Cricket and Lola used to be madly inlove too. On their birthday, Calliope invited friends and it all appeared to Lola that Cricket doesn’t want her around anymore (truth is it was just a surprise party).

When the Bells moved in again, they came back to their old life, back to Lola’s life. Max and Lola broke up. Lola and Cricket started hooking up.

Eva Harmoni

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Eva Harmoni

There was one night when the rain poured so hard, and i didn't want it to stop. Weird, because i was afraid and amused by the sound of the rain and thunder. The sound of it made me less alone that night. The next day i woke up to find my collection of journals soaked. I keep it near the window to make sure no one could read it. The writings can still be read but i was devastated by the damage. I wanted it preserved but i don't want it published. Still amused by the rain but afraid of the wrath it could bring to my journals, i created this blog.

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