Hollow City by Ransom Riggs (Book Summary)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Book Two)

During the raid, Ms. Peregrine was captured. The children were able to get her back but she can no longer transform into a human. They hopped from one loop to another to get help and met many peculiar children. Their journey led to this:

London, in a carnival, where they watched a show and the peculiar children were the performers. They were later led to the headquarters where the only uncaptured ymbrine stays, Ms. Viren (just like Ms. Peregrine, she is like the mother of the children). The building was covered with ice to keep them safe. So they stayed there until Ms. Viren can cure Ms. Peregrine. However, something went wrong. When the peregrine bird transformed, it wasn’t Ms. Peregrine, it was Caul, her evil brother. He pretended to be her so they could capture the children.

Ms. Peregrine has long been captured and they are all gonna be prisoners, and Jake could not go back to his old life. They tried fighting back, but they were defeated, but they got a new hope when Jake discovered something – he can see and can fight with the hallowgaust.

End of Book Two.

Published by

Eva Harmoni

There was one night when the rain poured so hard, and i didn't want it to stop. Weird, because i was afraid and amused by the sound of the rain and thunder. The sound of it made me less alone that night. The next day i woke up to find my collection of journals soaked. I keep it near the window to make sure no one could read it. The writings can still be read but i was devastated by the damage. I wanted it preserved but i don't want it published. Still amused by the rain but afraid of the wrath it could bring to my journals, i created this blog.

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