Gift Ideas 2017

It’s not fun to empty your wallet and not get anything from it, but it really feels good to know that you emptied it because someone worth it is gonna get something from it. I was never a fan of giving gifts and shopping. Once, I gave a gift for someone’s birthday, I bought about four items because I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. So I bought four items (that time I am so financially stupid), and gave what I think was the best on the birthday, and I gave the other three the day after that when I finally confessed that I had a hard time looking for a gift. He said, “You shouldn’t have bothered.” Deep down I knew that he’s right.. I shouldn’t have bothered buying 4 gifts when I only need to give 1.

To save you time, and to save myself some time as well, I made a list of the gifts that I’ll be giving this Christmas. I haven’t bought a single thing for the people I’m giving gifts to yet. I am truly hoping that this will work out for me. I’ll make sure to post an update about how this will go.

Here goes the list that will serve as a suggestion and a guide (if this could count as a guide). I am no expert, I just want to make sure that I make my loved ones happy at the most affordable price available. I just want to make it right this time.

To: Boyfriend

The Senses Gift: If you’re always on Pinterest, you probably heard about this. This is giving your boyfriend 5 gifts, one for each sense. The thought is “Being with you makes perfect sense” or “I love you with all of my senses”. I could no longer track who made this up, but to whoever she is, kudos!

      • Touch: Towel/Blanket/Handkerchief/Pillow
      • Sight: Charcoal Painting/A beautifully framed picture of the both of you/Love Letter (and just plance it in a jar or a unique container
      • Hearing: Popcorn Kernels and Microwavable Popcorn (Yes! Because buying an ipad, mp3 player or headset is so unnecessary because it’s expensive and he already got everything on his phone. So for the popcorn, the idea is you’ll hear it popping when you cook it. Silly, I know, but since it’s your boyfriend, you’ll both probably just laugh it off)
      • Taste: A vast choices of desserts according to his taste. Give him something sour, sweet, salty, spicy or bitter.
      • Smell: Of course, a bottle of perfume. Another one is scented candles, but I’m pretty sure your boyfriend won’t be using those candles, even though you tell him each time that it’s for relaxation.

To: Mom

Is it easy for you to choose gifts for your mom? For me, it’s not. Aside from letting me know that she’s so happy with everything she has right now, I have this fear that if I give her something, she’ll only appreciate it and use it so that I won’t feel bad. That’s not a bad thing but I just want everything to be genuine. I want to give something worth it, something relevant to her. The problem is, everytime I discover something that she wants or needs, the next thing I discover is that she got alternatives or the next thing I know, she already changed her mind and fully believes that what she used to want is totally relevant.

So far, these are my ideas for the gifts that I’ll be giving to her. Please feel free to suggest, it will be highly appreciated.

      • Undies: Since the most qualified and knowledgeable enough to choose a mother’s undies is her daughter. I’m still considering on how this will look like during the celebration, so I’m still doubting it
      • Clothes/Shoes/Bag: She got plenty of this but I ran out of ideas.

To: Uncles

This is a very hard one for me too. Aside from I have no idea what a grown up man likes, I have searched for the perfect items for them and it costs a lot for me. Wine/Shoes/Parker Pen/Watch

I just hope my Uncles understand that I am still not on the stage of my life when I can purchase expensive wines. So far, these are my ideas:

      • Jacket: I’ve never seen him wear a jacket. It’s either they don’t own one or they just don’t like it
      • Towel: Ofcourse they got towels of their own, but some extra towels will help
      • Sunglasses: Helpful for them but I think they already have one sunglass that they use everytime, and it’s not like the sunglasses these day

To: Little Kids

The easiest ones to give gifts to. They are so curious you can give them something you know they don’t need but they’d still take it, and play with it by the corner until it’s broken. Shopping for kids is fun but I was never fond of kids and I have no idea about the size and their interest for this age. Most of the time I just see them running around, like they no longer need toys. They just go to one corner, gather scraps and ruin what’s still intact, and they’d already be so happy.

      • Toys: This is at the bottom of my choice because I don’t think I can give them toys. I just don’t know what kind of toy I could give this kids because everytime I try, I just stare at that toy and think “what was I thinking before when I had so much fun over that thing?”
      • Piggy Bank: I know. This will be the gift they won’t give a second glance but I just think of giving it to them, hoping they’ll make use of it.
      • Bags: So useful when they go to school, but once again I want to make them happy and I don’t think the idea of school won’t make them happy.
      • Coloring Book: I could not figure out what toy should I be giving since they are of different genders. The little girl plays with the boys and run around with them I don’t think she even knows who Barbie is. The boys run around all the time I think the only vehicle they know as of now is the family’s dog.

This will be all for now. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope all of your gift giving journey is a success!

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Eva Harmoni

There was one night when the rain poured so hard, and i didn't want it to stop. Weird, because i was afraid and amused by the sound of the rain and thunder. The sound of it made me less alone that night. The next day i woke up to find my collection of journals soaked. I keep it near the window to make sure no one could read it. The writings can still be read but i was devastated by the damage. I wanted it preserved but i don't want it published. Still amused by the rain but afraid of the wrath it could bring to my journals, i created this blog.

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  1. My kids like I Spy books and Can You See What I See? books. I Spy goes from toddler age to older kids. Coloring books have always been a hit with my kids too!

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