Hunger Games Trilogy (Review)

What made me choose this book: The fuss! The book was very famous back when I was still blogging on tumblr. Also, forgive me bookworms for judging a book based on the rumored singer of its soundtrack. Since it was Taylor Swift who sang “Safe and Sound” and “Eyes Open” , I got more interested with the story since the song lyrics were very descriptive. 

When I read it: It was just how I expected this novel to be — brilliant! The more I read it the more I want to watch the movie because scenes and settings were greatly described and I was curious how it would turn out on the movie. I watched the first two movies after reading the trilogy but I don’t have plans on watching the third one.

Why I was hooked: I was hooked because I had no idea what’s gonna be the next strategy of the enemy. And just when I thought I could predict the enemy’s tactic, I end up not knowing who the real enemy was!

My general opinion on this book: It was relatable, timely and relevant because it talked bout rebellion, politics, the spoiled rich people, the stupid forms of entertainment, and how the poor become poorer. With what the future could offer, The Hunger Games could be a sneak peak of what may happen on the years to come.

Also, I was betting on Gale and Katniss.

What other readers are saying: There have been great feedbacks but there were limits, ofcourse. Hunger Games Trilogy is so good but it could never surpass Harry Potter. 

That would be all for this book. Thank you for reading and happy bookworming!


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Eva Harmoni

There was one night when the rain poured so hard, and i didn't want it to stop. Weird, because i was afraid and amused by the sound of the rain and thunder. The sound of it made me less alone that night. The next day i woke up to find my collection of journals soaked. I keep it near the window to make sure no one could read it. The writings can still be read but i was devastated by the damage. I wanted it preserved but i don't want it published. Still amused by the rain but afraid of the wrath it could bring to my journals, i created this blog.

3 thoughts on “Hunger Games Trilogy (Review)”

    1. Wow, that’s really a surprise because i thought Harry Potter is still on top on the list until now because i keep hearing about how it got jk rowling so rich 😂 Thank you so much for sharing, glad i know this one now! (And sorry for the late reply)


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